Big Grid Super ComputerBig Grid Specification - Draft 0.1



The Big Grid is an OpenSource project for the development of a multi-purpose grid computing architecture.


The scale of the project is limited only by the willing participants.

Pre-phase - proof of concept

This will do exactly what it says on the tin: attempt to prove the basic concept of the project. It will also allow the project to make estimates into the capability of a running system.

Its functional intention is to discover the host client's capability and report this to the central system. This data will then be aggregated and the totals reported back to the client. It is intended that this data always be available to the client applications.

Phase 1 - planning

This phase is where the real guts will begin to be mapped out.

Phase 2 - alpha

The release of the first code.

Phase 3 - beta

The release of the first multi-tier code (supernode concept).

General Architecture

The current intention is to implement a three-tier architecture for information distribution and management.

Currently the intended architecture will implement a three-tier system. This comprises the GPU, a series of Supanodes, and then all the clients that actually do all the calculation.

The BigGrid management services will run on the GPU. This is where jobs are initially submitted and the distribution of all job segments starts. Once completed, this is where the results makes their way back via the supanodes.


General Processing Unit

In definition process.


In definition process.


In definition process.

Auto update Mechanism


The system should offer the ability to alert the user if there is a newer version of the client currently in use.


The system may offer the ability to automatically update itself if there are updates available. This shall always be optional.


Definitions and Terms

Intention will be expressed by the following terms:

The system shall implement this element or feature.
It is the intention to implement this element or feature.
It is possible that this feature or element may be implemented.

It is possible that this feature or element may be implemented.
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